Bebelac Gold Baby Formula

Nutricia, an expert in the baby food category, has developed a Bebelac Gold baby formula — a result of the synergy of science and nature.

Bebelac Gold baby formula is a low protein formula with a balanced composition and a unique prebiotic complex that is based on whole goat milk. Goat milk is faster and easier to digest due to its protein, fat and carbohydrate components, and also has a prebiotic effect due to the added prebiotic complex.

The Bebelac Gold baby formula has become the second product line of the brand that we have developed. The goal was to create a positive and trusting attitude towards the product both on an emotional and on a rational level. We had to develop a packaging design for a new line of baby formulas in such a way that, on the one hand, would be in line with the Bebelac Gold baby food brand, which we had previously developed, but, on the other hand, would take the development of the brand in a new direction and also take into account the laws of the baby formula category.

The target audience of the brand’s products is represented by young parents who want only the best for their babies. Such people are interested not so much in the popularity of the brand as whether or not they can put their trust in it: they look at the composition of the product, whether or not the ingredients are safe to consume and natural, the functional benefits.

Therefore, in the course of the project, we have retained the style of the logo, the overall delicate craft tone of the design and the focus on authenticity and all things natural, but put the focus on the key advantage of the brand — an image of a goat with a baby goat against the background of a delicate watercolor landscape. We have also saved a significant portion of the packaging to highlight the rational benefits of the product.

As a result, we have developed a harmonious, pleasing to the eye, understated product design that reflects gentle baby care. Bebelac Gold baby formulas are in great demand and are extremely popular; they can be found in chain stores, pharmacies and on the shelves of specialized stores.

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