New Apple Cider Bon Season

Cider is currently one of the fastest growing categories on the alcohol market, and that is why the largest Russian brewing company AB InBev Efes has launched its own brand of Bon Season natural apple cider. For AB InBev Efes, this is another major step towards expanding the company’s non-beer portfolio; the company had previously launched the production of kvass in Russia and cider in Ukraine. Having complete faith in the members of our creative team with their extensive experience of working with the beer category and dozens of successful cases implemented in collaboration with AB InBev Efes to show for it, there was no one else we would rather turn to see this ambitious project through to completion.

This truly was a large-scale project and it allowed us to unlock the creative potential of our agency. We had to develop the position of the future brand, come up with a name, create a brand new uniquely shaped glass bottle and then use it to develop PET bottle packaging. And of course, we also had to come up with a personalized, distinct, emotion-provoking and memorable design that would fit neatly into the cider category but would also stand out from the competition; a design that would appeal not only to the core audience (young adults aged 25-35), but would also be of interest to consumers of other age groups.

Out of a multitude of names we had come up with, our choice fell on Bon Season almost immediately.  Its originality, excellent memorability and upbeat positive energy caught our attention. The name of the brand is a perfect fit for the design concept, which is based on a huge ripe apple and a gardener amazed by the remarkable results of his labors. This concept is a metaphor for a successful bountiful harvest of fragrant apples that make the most delicious natural apple cider.

The light, craft artwork style, colors, lifelike lines and textures used in the design create a feeling of authenticity and freshness, which is a very important factor in brand perception, especially given the fact that the company follows the traditional recipes to make Bon Season from the natural fermented apple juice.

This season, the product will be presented on the market with one “sweet apple cider” flavor in three formats popular with the consumers: glass bottle, PET bottle and aluminum can.

To recap, we can safely say: Bon Season — when the cider is just right!

brand positioning, naming, package design, illustration, development of the glass and PET forms, adaptation in line, prepress