Grunlander redesign

Grunlander. Naturally ages – naturally delicious!

Hochland, a leading European cheese manufacturer and the undisputed leader in the production of processed and curd cheese, is actively finding and claiming new niches by introducing high-quality semi-hard cheeses under the Grunlander brand to the market.

Grunlander cheese is made using simple, natural ingredients – pasteurized milk and natural starter cultures, natural cheese ripening technology, which allows the company to offer its consumers products of exclusively natural and high quality.

That is why, putting across this idea of only using natural ingredients was one of the key requirements when developing a new design. In the course of the project, we completely changed the compositional structure of the design, making it more focused and more balanced, highlighting the taste navigation section with highly-visible color bars, and also proposed new appetizing food style groups.

The main compositional accent of the new design was the updated, more personalized Grunlander logo, which is located on a transparent window, through which the buyer can see the product itself. We have found out that when choosing cheese, this nuance is very important for consumers. The landscape painted on the packaging is intended to convey the codes of all-natural ingredients and natural origin of the cheese: interspersed with fresh green splashes in a variety of shades, it forms the overall color scheme of the packaging and turns into a single, recognizable, bright block when laid out on a shelf in a store.

brand redesign, package design, illustration, food style development, distribution of SKUs, prepress