Development of a new brand Khmelnoy Los

Only recently, the brand portfolio of Efes Kazakhstan has been replenished with a new impassioned and charismatic brand of strong beer Khmelnoy Los (Drunken Moose), whose design was created by the Viewpoint team.

Our job was to come up with a fresh, bold and memorable brand image, oriented primarily towards younger audiences of strong beer lovers who will appreciate a high-quality product at an affordable price.

The focal point of the design was the image of a moose, a wee bit drunk, but fashionable nonetheless, wearing hipster glasses and an elegant scarf around one’s neck. A contrasting concise logo block with craft fonts is so eye-catching that it makes the product stand out on the shelf and increases the brand awareness. On a related note, the back of the can highlights some basic rules on how to reveal your inner philosopher… at which point… you will be able to make conversation on any topic: from repairing the grandfather’s old car to the foreign economic policy of Equatorial Guinea!

new brand development, can design, illustration, copywriting, prepress