Kozel retro collection

Company AB InBev Efes and Velkopopovicky Kozel brand team in collaboration with Viewpoint agency decided to make some pleasure for their customers and produced exclusive vintage series with six bottles of Velkopopovicky Kozel beer with unique retro labels, craft multipack and gift beer mats.

This project become especially interesting for us because we should manually recreate all of illustrations for labels by the materials available in archives of the brand and each of label has its own character and legend. Kozel beer history began in distant 1874, precisely this time became the point of evolution counting of brand’s products design.

Labels depict illustrations of goats demonstrating evolution of design throughout all history.

And on the back side we placed illustrations unique for each SKU relevant to its history.

All of 6 bottles are packed in the original cartoon multipack, made in crafting style with the image of old Kozel brewery. Box design combines styles of all retro bottles and tells the story of consumers favorite beer.

In addition, there is a pleasant bonus in each box and an excellent finding for collectors — retro beer mats in vintage style.

limited edition, package design, multipack design, label design, illustration, retro design, prepress