Winged Noodles — a new brand development

The history of Shin-Line Company from Kazakhstan is a shining example of what hard work, sense of responsibility and commitment to succeed in work of love can do. The company was founded in 1995 as a small family-owned ice cream enterprise. After 20 years of successful work, the company has become the largest producer of this product in Central Asia and a top exporter of Kazakhstani ice cream to foreign markets. In addition to ice cream production, since the mid-2000s, Shin-Line has been developing production of a broad range of dairy, frozen convenience foods and instant noodles. It was exactly for this product category that we had to develop a new brand design with an expressive title “Winged Noodles”.

The prime objective of this project was to create a bright, differentiated and at the same time categorical design for the mid-price segment, simple and clear for a wide consumer audience, with a high degree of visibility. The brand’s key message is the most chicken noodles you can find, a powerful chicken flavor that instantly satisfies any hunger and gives you energy. The main compositional dominant of the developed design is a large, prominent and original logo — the image of a flying “chicken bowl”, as well as a significantly detailed and appetizing food zone that instantly attracts attention and evokes hunger. Yellow sunny color of the package background also contributes to enhancement of visibility. Large noticeable text will help the consumer to navigate when choosing the taste of noodles, and design is complemented by a brief emotional slogan — “Winged noodles — at lunch, a bit at a time”!

development of packaging design, development of a new brand, illustration, development of a food zone, extension into 2 SKU