Malyutka Baby Cookies

Russian consumers have become well acquainted with Nutricia’s Malyutka brand in the past several decades, and millions of Russians have literally grown up with it.

When developing and preparing its products, Malyutka uses cutting-edge scientific achievements and technologies, constantly improves composition and quality of its products, and launches new product lines — for example, a line of delicious and healthy enriched cookies for the little ones.

Malyutka decided to turn to us with the task of developing a packaging design for such a line of baby cookies. We came up with a new packaging structure, created a personalized brand character, an appetizing food zone, highlighted the advantages of this particular product, made the design bright and noticeable on the shelf, all while continuing to maintain brand awareness, and also adapted the design to other formats.

What is more, in support of the launch, we developed a key visual for the brand.

packaging design development, character of the brand, illustration, food zone development, key visual