Radler LE

Radler is a seasonal refreshing beer with a hint of juice. This combination was such a success among Moldovan consumers and turned out to be so popular that Efes Moldova registered Radler as an independent trademark.

The Radler brand has been the forefather of this category in Moldova since 2017 and these days it has a huge presence in retail chains throughout the country. The brand keeps up with the latest trends and delights its consumers with new seasonal flavors, launching a new juicy beer-mix each summer season.

Despite high brand loyalty and demand among the audience, the brand needs to strengthen its position in the category, and that is why a re-design campaign was scheduled for 2022, coinciding with the launch of a new flavor — Radler Grapefruit.

It was time to modernize the appearance of the product and increase its visibility on the shelf; the packaging was supposed to be reminiscent of carefree summer mood and freshness and evoke vivid emotions.

Now you can enjoy the new sunny and juicy Radler Grapefruit in all retail chains across Moldova!

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