Optimizer brand development

Optimizer is a new effective online software for planning and controlling work of remote staff. Optimizer offers big quantity of additional functions for optimizing working processes, making your business effective in management, by that.

We had a comprehensive task of developing product naming, brand identity and concept design of the web-site. Optimizer has been selected among the naming variants by the client because of the best and full reflection specific of the product.

As a visual concept of the site we offered an idea with building a road. On the one hand, this image well describes the character of remote staff and mobile brigades, and, on the other hand, it is easy-use and convenient in the site navigation, also allowing keep customers focus on the most important features of service. Animated elements and personages add visual uniqueness and emotional attractiveness to the site. Design and interface elements have been adapted to mobile version of site for easy viewing from different browsers all common platforms.

Naming, visual identity of brand, logotype, web-site design, design of mobile version of site