New brand development – «Generous Brewer beer»

In collaboration with Efes Kaz company we have developed a new beer brand that reflects generosity and quality in one bottle – Generous Brewer beer. The main task was to offer the consumer a new large and convenient format of beer in premium packaging, that distinguishes by a large bottle volume, high quality and mild taste of the drink, as well as to separate from the main players of the Kazakhstan beer market in this category.

Since this beer was supposed to sell in a large glass bottle of 0.65 liters, it was necessary to reflect value, quality and generosity in its name and design. Based on the chosen name “Generous Brewer”, we developed an original design with author’s illustration, which compositional center became a memorable colorful protagonist – a genial and smiling brewer who is always happy to share a freshly brewed soft beer with friends.

The bright contrasting combination of red, blue and yellow colors made the package noticeable, spectacular and allowed to highlight it on the shelf.In addition, we developed a bright slogan, emphasizing the “generous” format of a beer bottle: “More andbetter!”- brand offers consumer beer in big bottle with reasonable price.

In support of the release we developed key image, a number of POS materials, and also uniforms for promoters in the store and branded souvenirs.

new brand development, package design, copywriting, illustration, key-visual, pos-materials, prepress