Development of a new brand VERSA

VERSA – unrestrained pleasure!

As a result of joint cooperation with Danone, we have developed a new brand of dairy products, which is marketed as provocative, daring and premium, designed for today’s young adult audience.

VERSA is the first food porn brand in Russia. The trend everyone is taking about on social media with more than 200 million posts with #foodporn hashtag exemplifies publications that use exquisitely served or exotic dishes and products, whose appearance incites an all-consuming craving to try them.

Versa communications are dominated by codes of recklessness and freedom, behavior charged with provocations and innuendos, expressed in slogans such as: “I’m all for a crazy mix”, “I love it harder”, “My fruits are bigger”, “I love all things exotic”, etc.

At the moment, the product line is represented by spoon and drinking yogurts, which include natural ingredients and sliced fruits in unusual flavor combinations: raspberry-lychee-rose, kiwi-apple-matcha, orange-pineapple-bergamot and many others. The design of the entire product line is executed in black, which enhances the contrast, juiciness and mouth-watering qualities of the product groups, plus it is rather unusual for the dairy category.

Versa is the embodiment of the fact that food can be beautiful and appetizing, a kind of reminder that food, among other things, is also a true aesthetic pleasure!

New brand development, package design, line extension