Activia re-launch

Activia is a world-renowned brand of delicious and healthy yoghurts, a charge of probiotics that gives a feeling of lightness and contributes to digestive comfort! Activia entered the market in 1987 and is currently sold in over 70 countries. In Russia, the brand occupies a leading position when it comes to sales and consumer trust in the yogurt category.

In the first half of 2019, our agency carried out a large-scale campaign to revamp the entire brand line-up, which at that time totaled roughly 40 SKUs. The main task set before the creative team was to update the brand’s image that would continue to build on the idea of healthy eating, place emphasis on naturalness, lightness and deliciousness in general by updating food styling groups, as well as visually differentiate between drinking, spoon and curd product lines by offering a variety of layout solutions for the food zones, while maintaining overall brand awareness. At this point, Activia continues to develop successfully, offering consumers new categories, flavors and limited launches.

re-launch, package design, food zone development, line extension, adaptation across SKUs, prepress