Redesign of beer Krynica

Krynica is the largest brewery in Belarus that annually produces more than 150,000,000 liters of beer, as well as soft drinks. These days Krynica products are exported to 16 countries across the globe on 3 continents. The portfolio is currently comprised of 7 beer brands and every single one of them is worthy of being called the national pride!

Krynica became the first brewery in Belarus re-equipped in accordance with the global standards and nowadays the company is one of the leaders in terms of beer production volume. To celebrate 45 years of manufacturing Krynica initiated a massive re-launch that entailed a rejuvenation of the brand philosophy, communication strategy and company identity. The first step in the global re-launch was a comprehensive redesign of the flagship product line – Krynica beer. Our creative team has developed a new bottle for the glass and the PET, which got a more distinctive shape and became more ergonomic, and thanks to the smooth lines and wider shoulders, it became more convenient to take the bottle off the shelf and hold it in your hand.

The key design element of both bottles is the original embossment in the form of a Belarusian ornament fragment, which instills a sense of ultimate luxury and ornamental expressiveness in the bottles, and places special emphasis on the national Belarusian spirit. An alternate embossment is available for the PET bottles — the “1975” emblem; this emblem is perceived as a sign of product quality, symbolizing the continuity of traditions and importance of brand values. The newly created design of the label and the bottle collar retains some continuity with the previous design — a diagonal structure and a color code familiar to the consumer, but some new elements have also been added: an updated contrasting logo, a coat of arms, beer medals and food zones, each of which accentuates and uncovers the characteristics of the brand … On the whole, the new design has turned out to be more eye-catching and more vibrant and in turn more noticeable on the shelf. In the course of the project, we developed a brand book that details the fundamental rules and principles of working with an all-new identity, as well as the basic key visuals on how to display the products at retail points of sale.

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