Redesign of vodka Pcholka

Vodka is an alcoholic beverage, a mixture of purified alcohol and water
Ozhegov’s explanatory dictionary


Adding to the definition of the great Soviet linguist Sergey Ivanovich, we would like to point out that vodka Pchyolka [Bee] is also a drink that allows you to “buzz heart to heart”, on top of that it also has honey in it, which makes the flavor that much softer.

The brand team of Piteynoff trading house set before us the challenge of completely revamping the brand, making it more up-to-date, heartfelt and impassioned. It was also necessary to put some finishing touches on the shape of the bottle proposed by the customer, do justice to its unique nature and make it more befitting of the brand’s character. In the course of the project no stone was left unturned, which means that all design elements were affected by the changes: the logo, the brand character, key communications, as well as shapes and compositional structure of the label.

Courtesy of our work, the rejuvenated Pcholka has become more friendly, heartfelt and fun, and thanks to the large and contrasting font blocks and logo combined with a new artwork, it is also extremely noticeable on the shelf! Bottom line, “good buzzing”!

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