Myasnaya Yarmarka – dumplings redesign

With the objective to carry out a re-design of the dumpling brand Myasnaya Yarmarka, to strengthen the positioning of “When want meat and I want it fast”, to differentiate the product range, the color packaging navigation and to give the character a more modern look the company Sibirskiy Gurman turned to the branding agency Viewpoint. The trade mark Myasnaya Yarmarka, one of the leaders in the Ural and Siberian districts, has a large number of loyal customers, particularly popular its dumpling brands are in the Ural, Siberia, the Far East and in the North-West.

The brand team of Myanaya Yarmarka decided to conduct a re-design of the brand, to refresh the package and to strengthen its positioning as dumplings, containing not only a large amount of meat, but also a variety of meat fillings – beef, pork, lamb, etc. – “When you want meat and you want it fast.» The creative team had to develop a new character on the basis of the previous image of a chef, to develop a new identity for the brand, enhance the differentiation of the product range and to extend the design into different SKU within the line to show a wide range favourably. Also, it was necessary to refresh the look of the packaging and to enhance communication to improve the perception of quality, while maintaining the continuity of the previous design.

In the process, there have been worked out different ideas on the illustrations of the chef and the package design as a whole. The result was a likable image of a friendly chef who knows his job and is responsible for the quality. And there was a sign on the package with icons, as if drawn with chalk to emphasize product quality and enhance the naturalness and differentiation among SKU.

Besides, we have developed two unusual packaging for this product line: chicken dumplings Povaryata (for the youngest fans of this dish) and ravioli “with lamb”, where our chef takes on the Tatar appearance to stress the feature of the sort.

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