Redesign of Velkopopovicky Kozel Unfiltered

Together with the company Efes Rus in the overall renovation of Velkopopovecky Kozel brand, we have developed and launched a new design Velkopopovecky Kozel Unfiltered. Despite the good performance in general, the former design of unfiltered Kozel had been perceived on the store shelves as soft non-alcoholic drink since white color in beer packaging is considered to be a typical code of being non-alcoholic.

This was a sufficient reason to re-design Unfiltered, and the agency received the following objectives: to carry out the re-design of cans and bottles in the brand overall renovation, to differentiate Unfiltered more intense in the line between Light and Dark, to add more ‘unfiltered codes’ and to reach the sense of ‘crafting’.

As a result, there were found the solutions that satisfied all the demands at utmost. Warm cream colors allowed withdrawing from the associations with a soft drink and added a feeling of warmth and comfort in the perception of the brand. Due to the color creation of the landscape design, the addition of blue sky and grass the unfiltered codes became much more clear to the consumer.

re-design, graphic design, can design, label design, pre-press