YES, I KNOW – retail brand development

Our client, company Fashion2Customer, had the necessity to combine several Scandinavian clothing brands into one multi-brand store. We got an ambitious task – a retail brand development demanded an overall concept development of the entire system of visual brand identification up to the smallest detail. The image of the store should reflect Scandinavian origin of the brands presented in it, it should be modern, youth, European and understandable to the Russian consumer.

The store target audience are young, ‘advanced’, self-confident people who are aware of all the fashion events from which you can often hear the phrase: ‘Yes, I know!’ — Hence came the name ‘Yes, I know’. The composing English words, on the one hand, helped to make the brand international, having no borders, on the other hand – they are still clear to those who hardly speak English.

The Scandinavian style is reflected in a combination of white brick background graphics and contrasting color accents – muted turquoise, rusty orange and beige.

A logo with stitching and inverted ‘i’, turned into an exclamation mark became the expressive element and the semantic foundation of the brand. Also, there has been developed a communicative constructor in the form of a dialogue with the consumer – phrases on hang-tags, bags, postcards and other media: ‘Everyone will enjoy!’ – ‘Yes, I know!’, ‘This is what are you looking for’ –‘Yes, I know!’, ‘Today is your sale’ – ‘Yes, I know!’, ‘There is something fashionable’ – ‘Yes, I know!’ and so on. They help to arrange the necessary accents inside the store and highlight the most relevant at the moment. In developing the concept, we have also taken into account the conception reflection in the interior, thus, there has been designed the individual pattern, consisting of a plurality of different ‘Yes, I know’ shapes, which is used for zoning in the interior, as well as found on the wrapping paper checkout, and many other amenities designed for the store.

Retail-design, identity, logo, corporate style, communicative strategy, graphic design, POS-materials, pre-press