Bavaria Limited Edition

To this day, Bavaria beer remains one of the few global brands that is still being brewed at the family-owned brewery that has kept its traditions alive since 1719. Three centuries ago, brewer Jan Swinkels set up a home brewery. Seemingly overnight his beer won the hearts and trust of the entire neighborhood and before long a large and modern for those times factory was built, a short while later transportation between the neighboring regions was up and running and export of beer to the neighboring countries was launched – just like that Bavaria made a name for itself far beyond the borders of the native town of Lieshout. Production secrets and brewing traditions have been passed down from generation to generation and have always been kept in the family, that’s how this sublime flavor has survived to our days.

This year, the brewery is celebrating its 300th anniversary. For this occasion, in cooperation with AB Inbev Efes we have developed a limited edition package, whose focal point was an artwork depicting a founding father and a son engrossed in making the legendary beer. Additionally, in support of the edition, we have created a promotional website, where one can take a look at the old photos from the family archive and learn more interesting facts about the Swinkels family and the Bavaria brewery.

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