Key-visual Bavaria «Pride of 7 generations»

Bavaria is a beer with a big history, started in Holland village Lishaut in 1719. Almost 300 years have passed since that time and family that founded the brand has replaced 7 generations, but has not changed the eldest traditions of brewing.

The story begins from a small home brewery which beer was favorite for citizens. Rumors about the incredibly tasty beverage were spread all over the country and later step by step the brewery was able to grow to an enormous enterprise, established its delivery all over the world and received national recognition and love in many parts of the world. Till this day Bavaria beer has been producing in its native town in Lieshout and the descendants of the famous family are engaged in production of this beer. Now Russian distributor of the brand Bavaria is company EFES RUS.

The task was to combine the uniqueness of the brand that has a rich background with modernity and to emphasize value and relevance of Bavaria family brewing tradition in our days.

As the creative solution we proposed to combine two eras — the era of birth of the popular brand and modern era. To reflect the time in the background we represented the famous blue and white Dutch tiles, which had a great popularity in the XVII century, depicting a fragment of the town, the birthplace of the brewery. In the foreground is a bottle of Bavaria beer in modern and relevant for consumer format. Thus we were able to convey pride of beer producers for their history, value of family traditions and love of Bavaria masters to their work.

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