Leikers design

People of Smolensk and Smolensk region know “Hagen” company very well. History of the company and the same-name brand “Hagen” started in the middle of 2000-th when the first big beer restaurant was opened. It became popular pretty soon thanks to its exceptional customer service, wide range of dishes of high quality and a huge range of beer. Today “Hagen” is represented in Smolensk through some restaurant and entertainment complexes, chain of beer shops and beer corners “Bierwagen Hagen”, and its own microbrewery producing over 20 beer styles marked Leikers, Hagen and Zaubier, being so popular among local customers. The brewery got its new productive capacity recently which allows to release beer in aluminum can which is a very popular form among customers (earlier beer was mostly released in plastic PET- bottles), therefore we need to develop a distinguished, attractive and outstanding design for Leikers beer, one of the brewery’s flagships, which would allow to work effectively not only at the company’s own stores, but at other federal selling points too.

At solving the task the agency’s team suggested a neat and, at the same time, noticeable and showy visual solution. The composition is divided into two: a contrast combination of white can top and pastel shades, non-standard for the category, which make a can even more noticeable on a shelf and contribute to different beer types differentiation. Picture of a grain car carries an idea of foreign-made high-quality ingredients (for example, Australian hops, German malt) which are supplied and used at beer brewing on the one hand and serve as a remarkable and eye-catching element of design on the other hand.

Package design development, can design, illustration, beer design, differentiation in line, pre-press