Redesign of Narodnaya vodka

In collaborating with Status Group company we have completed project of re-design of the Narodnaya vodka brand. This is traditional, affordable and understandable for the consumer product, which is made by classic recipe. But appearance of the brand needed to be more emotional, with own history and uniqueness. At the same time, it needed to go away from souvenir image and ancient splint style, achieving the feeling of new soulful product.
As the primary image we offered a famous episode from the movie of Vladimir Menshov «Moscow doesn’t believe tears». Autumn clear day, young birches with yellow leaves, friendly company sets the table with ingenuous snacks, Baltic sprat and aromatic bread… and there is a cooled vodka, of course. These images are well known and close to everyone. Many will recognize these characters as themselves or somebody familiar. Narodnaya is vodka for soulful and enjoyable drink!

Re-design, illustration, label design, prepress.