Promo-design Velkopopovicky Kozel “Table of Friendship”

The brand Kozel of the company Efes Rus has launched a new promo “Table of Friendship”. Every year according to the ancient tradition of the inhabitants of the village of Velke Popovice gather at one long table to meet with all their friends. This time, it was decided to build the longest table at the territory of Russia (and even go beyond it) and to gather all friends of beer Kozel at it. This communication had to be reflected in the design. The brand team turned to the agency Viewpoint with this objective.

The agency had a task to focus consumer’s attention on the new proposal of the brand, to illustrate “the longest table in the world” on the packaging, clear to every buyer. The important point was to support the idea of the brand as the most user-friendly, pleasing and with a good sense of humor.

So there was the image of the table, starting at the village of Velke Popovice and going far beyond its borders. Also, in order to support communication we have developed a key visual, a slogan and a series of POSM.

promo-design, slogan development, can design, label design, prepress