Stary Melnik re-design

Stary Melnik Iz Bochonka is one of the most popular bottled beer brands on the market, and one of the flagship products in the mid-price segment. At present, Stary Melnik is part of the portfolio belonging to United Breweries AB InBev Efes, whose product line-up includes five bottled beer brands, and whose most sought after brand, Myagkoe, is presented in the aluminum can format. In 2015, a large-scale repositioning was carried out and the brand moved away from the idea of ​​the first draft beer in a bottle to a new unique platform — “Resurrection of Russia’s brewing traditions”. Stary Melnik iz Bochonka has accumulated and reproduced old Russian recipes and adapted them for modern production. The new positioning has had a positive impact on the brand’s image, popularity and sales growth, but nevertheless the visual style continues to improve. At the end of 2018, our team successfully delivered on a packaging redesign. The primary goal at that time was to strengthen the brand’s identity and add “Russianness”. The changes were evolutionary and for the most part revolved around the symbol of the brand –Mills, but they also brought about the renewal of the composition designed to increase visibility and visual clarity. This year, we have been entrusted with a more global task — to develop the visual world of Stary Melnik that will lay the foundation for a unified branding of all elements of visual communication and will also premiumize the brand. The new design is executed in a style inspired by the “fairytale” images of Russia and the work of Ivan Bilibin, the great Russian artist. The changes affected nearly all the design elements: the logo, the landscape, and the brand symbol — Mills. A new element – an ornamental frame that compositionally combines all the objects in a single structure using the elements of the traditional Russian ornaments, as well additionally contributes to product lining when it comes to other kinds of beer. The new design has been adapted to an aluminum can and to a range of basic POS advertising materials for POS placement.

re-design, can design, label design, advertising brand identity, line extension, prepress