Fetaxa redesign

The Fetaxa brand made its first appearance on the Russian market in 2007 and since then has been actively growing and keeping its consumers happy with the consistently high quality of its products. The brand is constantly working on expanding its lineup — releasing new products and striving to stay up-to-date and meet the needs of its audience.

By 2023, the launch of a brand new product was in the works — a light-weight pickled Greek cheese. All the while, there was a growing need for an overall rejuvenation of the entire line: it was time to develop a unified packaging design system — the location of the logo, the differentiation zone, the location of the food group, and so on. But, at the same time, it was important to preserve the signature and recognizable image of the brand, the color codes, the atmosphere of sunny Greece, its reputation as a brand that uses only natural ingredients and the light-weight nature of its products.

When working on the project, we have created a structure that is universally applicable for the entire line: knowing full well that consumers have a high degree of loyalty to and trust in the brand, we have identified the best suitable location for a logo. We have also streamlined and simplified navigation among all SKUs, placed emphasis on what really matters by showcasing the benefits of each product, and redesigned food zones — made them more realistic and appetizing. In other words, we kept the product recognizable on the shelf, while also making it more noticeable in today’s competitive environment.

These days, all your favorite Fetaxa products in updated packaging can be found in almost all retail store chains in the country.

package redesign, food style development, line extension, creation of new SKUs, prepress